Chaos Storms Games


June 15, 2018

Chaos Storm Games is excited to announce our move from designing games to publishing! Along with this move, they will also be moving officially to Columbus, Ohio, starting in August 2018. They are pleased to unveil a new brand and logo to commemorate these developments.

Originally located in Chattanooga, TN, Chaos Storm Games began as a tabletop game design company started by Phillip “Falcon” Perry and Christian “Sparrow” Aragon, accompanied by the support of Columbus-based graphic designer Bonnie “Raven” Babb-Cheshul. Their first game, Dreams of Tomorrow, is set to debut on Kickstarter with Weird Giraffe Games in Fall 2018. Now, moving into publishing, Chaos Storm Games has several of their own game designs in the works and is also looking into publishing games from independent designers with a focus on small to medium-sized games with light-hearted themes.

Phillip “Falcon” Perry, the face of Chaos Storm Games, has been designing tabletop games for two years and has decided to make the move to Columbus, Ohio, to broaden his horizons and to expand publishing opportunities. With his background in Sociology, he wants to focus on bringing more inclusion and social connection to the industry. With this move, Bonnie “Raven” Babb-Cheshul will be taking on a partner role in the company as art director while Christian “Sparrow” Aragon has decided to remain as a game designer living just outside of Atlanta, Georgia, though he will still be involved in the company.

Brittanie Boe