Will you review my game?

We don’t review board games. We offer paid quick game overviews and 5-minute how to play videos!

I have questions about content creation

Hey! Drop us a line. If we have the answers we will happily help you out. If we don’t maybe we can point you in the direction of some who can!

I want to send you a copy of my game

Awesome! Thanks! Send us an email and we’ll get you a shipping address!


I need help with my Kickstarter Campaign!

That’s something we can help with. Lets set up a call with our Business Manager and figure out how we can best work together!

I want to make a board game but I don’t know where to start!

We recommend taking a looking at:

Jamie Stegmaiers Blog

As well as subscribing to this channel:
Druid City Games

We do offer consulting in here but a strong foundation is a great place to start and those two places are definitely it.