Olympic Cards and Comics

We’re in Lacey, Washington this time, chatting with Olympic Cards and Games owner Gabi Trautmann!

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A note from Bebo: To start out, I just want to say that Gabi’s Olympic Cards and Comics was my FLGS growing up. As a young single mom, it was one of the only game stores that welcomed not only me but also my young daughter. They got me hooked on the Pokemon Trading Card game, the World of Warcraft TCG and allowed me to exist in their space playing ton of hobby board games back in the day. These hobbies eventually led me to moving to Seattle so I quite literally would not be here today if it were not for Gabi’s Olympic Cards & Comics. I’m eternally grateful for Gabi’s love, support, and community. I’ve never existed in a more welcoming, caring and loving community and I will be eternally grateful for them.


What was the catalyst for opening your games store?

When I was 15 years old, the woman who owned it at the time asked me if I wanted a job. I said yes. 3 years later, I bought it. And the rest, they say, is history.

How do you promote inclusivity and accessibility at your store?

We have:

  • Handicap parking

  • Elevator

  • Wide & Accessible aisles

  • Large unisex bathrooms.

  • Changing station

  • Quiet gaming room

  • Rules specifically about being respectful

  • We carry product aimed at marginalized groups so they can see themselves represented on our shelves and in the store.

  • We have a diverse staff in terms of gender, heritage, culture, ability, and orientation

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Why do you think FLGSs are important?

FLGS are places to feel welcome and at home. It is a place to meet with your tribe and feel welcome. It is about the EXPERIENCE of the games vs. just the products.

How long has the store been open and how long have you had it? I have had the store 26 years.

I am not sure how long it existed before me. I know its been in business at least 40 years

Whats your favorite game?

The Duke

What are some of the most popular games in the greater Olympia area?

Catan, Magic, Keyforge, Ticket to ride

Whats the most important thing you want gamers to get out of your FLGS?

A feeling of acceptance and home.

Olympic Cards and Games can be found online on Facebook, and their website.