Game Table for Two, Please!

We’re not huge fans of capitalist holidays like Christmas or Valentines day but we’re huge fans of spending quality time together. Board games are our favorite way to do this, with or without a relationship. Here’s a list of a few of our favorite games to play with two players! Full disclosure, if you buy one of these games from our links to Amazon, we’ll get a little kickback from the affiliates program. :)



PARKS is a great dating game because despite it looking like a fairly chill and relaxing game, it’s actually quite competitive when it comes to vying for resources between the two players. This means that there’s a fun little tension and push and pull between the players that will ignite the passion between them! This tension is precisely why I wanted to play this game again after the first play. It’s a great game for anyone who wants a relaxing gameplay experience but still loves to hunt and gather while trading in precious resources for sweet sweet victory points. The game isn’t out yet but you can still back it on Kickstarter.



Battleline comes off slow to start and looks seemingly harmless however as the game progresses, it becomes clear to both players that a throwdown is inevitable. The tension of this game builds but not until after 80% of the game has played out and strategy is critical. One of my favorite memories playing Battleline is when I slow-rolled my date on two cards from the start of the game. He never forgot that defeat. It’s the kind of game that instantly makes you want a rematch and it’s a great pick for anyone who’s a little competitive and has a basic understand of poker but has no desire to gamble. You can pick it up on Amazon under it’s new name, Schotten Totten which is the only version currently in print.

Fog of Love


This is not a game for a first date but maybe you’ve been together for a long time and you’re both in need of a good laugh. Fog of Love is just the game for the two of you if you want to live out a life you’ve never had. This game emulates a romantic comedy which means that you’ll be facing trials together. Everything from accidental pregnancy to dealing with your in-laws being an absolute nightmare. The interesting thing about Fog of Love, however, is that once you’ve played, it's really hard to get the game out of your head and since the cards are shuffled up, every relationship is going to unfold differently and each character will have their own hilarious character traits, goals and motivations. This game is perfect for two people with a great sense of humor who won’t take it too seriously. Unfortunately it’s only available at Walmart for $35.

Cake Duel

This is a game for exclusively two players but it’s a light hearted bluffing game in which two players will be facing off in a challenge: Which one of you is the better liar? What better way to kick-off a relationship, right? At $30, Cake Duel comes in the fanciest, most well-designed box we’ve ever seen a board game come in and the game is cute as a button. To make matters even better, the bluffing gameplay is engaging, hilarious, and just a whole lot of fun. Cake Duel is easy to learn and teach too so as long as your partner doesn’t take issue with bluffing or lying, this is a perfect two-player game. It’s available now on Amazon. 




I’ll be honest, I didn’t expect to love Dragoon at 2 players but upon sitting down and playing it, I fell in love with how well the game played at any player count. The minute we ended our first game of this, we played two more games after. It was one of those games that got a hold of me and didn’t let go. The mechanics are clean and simple but the gameplay is engaging and thoughtful. Be warned, however, don’t play this one with your sore loser friends because it’s brutal game with combat, fire and revenge! You can pick it up on Lay Waste Games website for $50 or you can order it on Amazon for $75.

Codenames Duet


This date gem is great because it’s a cooperative game about communication and the ability to read into clues so you get a nice peek into the other players brain while playing. Codenames Duet has endless replayability as you can also add cards from other Codenames games. Who doesn't want to play Marvel or Disney Codenames co-op? You can add more than two players and split into teams that makes it a perfect double date game too! The unique perspective this game gives of people's word associations is fascinating. A new turn counter mechanic has been introduced in Duet so it’s also much faster and easier to teach new players making it a date night favorite. It’s a perfect game for people who enjoy cooperative games or puzzling work games! It’s available now on Amazon if you’re hoping to pick it up and if you’re interested, they have the original Codenames, Codenames Pictures, Codenames Disney, Codenames Harry Potter, and Codenames Marvel! There is even a GIANT version of Codenames available!



This is a delightful spin on the classic domino matching that makes a great date game because you get to each build a kingdom while drafting tiles. Kingdomino lets you connect offering a tactile tile laying, puzzle-building feel similar to Tetris. Kingdomino is super cute and affordable that also makes it a great gift for a date! Building games are nice because you always have different options in your building style and you get a sense of completion at the end of the game with your own unique kingdom. Kingdomino is for anyone who likes drafting tiles, kingdom building fantasy, or just cute artwork. New gamers will love this! If you pick this up at Target you get a free Target exclusive in the box but it’s also available on Amazon.

The Mind


The Mind offers something else I have never seen offered by a first date game before and that is the ability to learn to communicate nonverbally. You connect with the person the same way you do when you go to an escape room because it is a cooperative activity that you are both doing trying to achieve the outcome of reaching level 12. The Mind is an affordable, compact game that offers a different kind of perspective into non-verbal communication. The competitive part of the brain takes over and often you lose yourself in trying to beat the game together. It is a wonderful way to pass the time with a date and it lets you see if you can get into a rhythm with someone! The Mind is great for anyone who likes competitive cooperation to beat a game or puzzle. Get your copy from for just $12!

Fox in the Forest


The Fox and The Forest is a 2-player trick taking game about taking just the right amount of tricks! Connecting is very easy when you have to carefully select what battles you will pick and choose when it comes to taking tricks! This purchase is another small game hit, it easily fits in a purse or backpack. It plays fast and is a great way to break the ice on the first date. Unlike most trick taking games The Fox and The Forest rewards you for managing your tricks by punishing you if you take too many. A game that teaches balance is always interesting to me and this is great for anyone who likes card or trick taking games with whimsical themes.

For just $15 what’s not to love!?

Star Realms Frontiers

Screen Shot 2019-02-13 at 2.45.06 PM.png

Star Realms is a head to head competitive deckbuilding game where you build your star fleet from a trade deck. This is a great date game because it lets you have some friendly competition with a new partner. Also, Star Realms Frontier has 8 cooperative scenarios if you like a non-confrontational situation. Frontiers is a refined version of the base game with an all new trade deck and lots of play options. The versatility of this game makes it a great purchase with lots of replayability. It is always fun to challenge your date with a little competition and that is what makes this deck builder an instant replay of mine. If you like deckbuilding or head to head combat with awesome space art then this game is for you. Your local games store may have this or if you look it up, you can find this game everywhere!

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