Consumption: Game Overview

Humans are complicated organic machines. Entire industries are based around helping us strike a balance between health and our happiness within our required daily activities and making choices about the food we consume is vitally important. Since we are still navigating within the Golden Age of Tabletop Gaming just about every theme you can think of is being explored by and increasing number of diverse voices. So why not a game that explores the choices we all have to make about our diet!


Consumption: Food and Choices is a worker placement game designed by dietician Karen Knoblaugh for 1-4 players that explores the decisions about our diets that we make every day.

Players will have a variety of actions to take on their turn such as going grocery shopping, take a recipe card and cook with food stored in their kitchen, exercise or do an activity, or go out to eat at the local pizzeria or the Chinese buffet. As you gather food tokens from the board in various ways, managing what goes into your kitchen, using that food before it spoils, and what cooked foods you get that go directly into your body that can be used for activities is the main focus of the game.

Using these foods to complete recipes and activities will award you points. You’ll also have to worry about staying hydrated, the ever changing cost of food at the grocery store, and competing for the same resources as the other players with limited spaces to place their actions.  At the end of six rounds the player with the most points wins.

Consumption: Food and Choices will be published by Kolossal Games soon!

Brittanie Boe