Dinos Not Assembled: How to Play

Take a random poll asking a number of children what they wanted to be when they grew-up and chances are nestled in the top 5 among astronaut, firetruck, and unicorn doctor would be dinosaur paleontologist. Now they probably would say something like “dinosaur scientist” but the allure of digging in the dirt combined with the imagination sparked by giant lizard like chicken monsters is too strong of a pull!

If you ever dreamed or have someone that dreams of dinos then Dinos Not Assembled designed by Dawson Kemper and Alice Davis for 2-4 players needs to make its way to a tabletop near you so you can dig up some fun for all ages.


The goal is to be the first to fill your museum's dinosaur exhibit with completed dinosaurs built from bones you’ve gathered. Each dino card has a list of different parts you need to complete the dinosaur in the name of science and discovery.

On a players turn they can either dig for dino bones from the board, draw another dino blueprint card (which is kept secret from other players) so they can start building new dinosaurs complete a dinosaur card by building it with the bones you’ve collected then place it in their museum or even steal a dinosaur bone from another player!


When a player digs for bones from the dig site they take two bones and place them green side up on their player boards. Once they are stolen from a player they are flipped to the red side and cannot be stolen again. So be careful when taking bones; you might even want to wait until another player takes the one you are looking for that way you can steal it and keep if safely as your own.

Not only is Dinos Not Assembled a family friendly, streamlined game, it also features adoreable artwork that is full inclusive as if features people of color, disabilities, and there are as many girls as there are boys.

So what’s your favorite dinosaur? Chances are it’s featured in Dinos Not Assembled and has launched on Kickstarter by Thing 12 Games!

James Goff