Life Siphon

Generally speaking we would say that if you’re exploring subterranean caverns and come across a box with a glowing orange eye clearly marked “DO NOT OPEN” go ahead and heed that warning and move on.  But since you were forced underground after dragons have taken over the surface it might be worth the risk.

Even if after you open it you’re stricken with a TERRIBLE CURSE and now have to eliminate one of your friends. You only YOLO once!

Life Siphon a game for 2-4 players designed by Zach and Jake Given where players have to defeat the player to their left to lift their curse. As soon as a players life reaches zero the game is over and there can only be one winner. You’ll have to not only figure out the best offensive strategy to drain the life from your target, but also defend against another!


Like most curses you also are given “gifts” and can now summon familiars to do your bidding but at the cost of your life points. So much for magic without consequences.

The game is broken up into phases that will regenerate your health, summon and move familiars, attack other players familiars or the players directly and cast spells represented by cards.

You’ll be able to summon three different types of familiars, each with different life costs, attack and defense, and strategic abilities. Familiars start in the summoning area and have to be moved through the movement row and the river before they can reach the battlefield. When they reach the river, you’ll gain one life for every familiar there during the regeneration phase at the beginning of your turn. Once they finally reach the battleground, they can attack other familiars and deal damage to the other players.

Perhaps the most important component of the battleground are the cast cards to help you in combat. These will give you an edge in battle by granting you fast casts that can be played even during other players turns, slow casts that can only be used during your main phase, and aspect cards that give you temporary special abilities like being able to draw more cards or make players discard theirs. These cards will have a life cost between one and three life but you can never use a card or summon a familiar that would lower your health below one. You’ll draw a new card at the end of your turn which signals to the other players your turn is over.

Once a player’s life is reduced to zero the opponent who was targeting that player is declared the winner.

Brittanie Boe